The winner is listed first in the list below!

Pictured below: Courtney Potter and Avery Leete                        Pictured below: Jim Gosnell/Sara Menchaca, John/Judy Phelps

IMG 5043IMG 5057

Womens Singles - Erin Shreiner, Heather Green

Womens Doubles - Claire Perry/Janet Dertz, Kathy Way/Sara Menchaca

Mens Singles - Cooper Dennison, Mike Query

Mens Doubles - Charlie Appleford/John Blessing, Zavier Majik/Murray

Sr. Mixed Doubles - John/Judy Phelps, Sara Menchaca/Jim Gosnell

Sr. Mens Doubles - Round Robin - J. Kloskoski, P. Kearney, J. Glenn, J. Ferris, D. Nahnsen, J Phelps

16 Under Boys Singles - Luke Appleford, Jack Shreiner

16 Under Boys Doubles - Sherman/Green, Buntain/Shreiner

16 Under Girls Singles - Mary Rau, Caitlin Siles

16 Under Girls Doubles - Frannie Johnson/Avery Leete, Mischen/Potter

16 Under Mixed Doubles - Corbin Green/Caitlin Siles, Morris/Sherman

12 Under Boys Singles - Maxwell Torrens, Ben Konisky

12 Under Boys Doubles - Buntain/Torrens, Ratner/Konisky

12 Under Girls Singles - Avery Leete, Courtney Potter

12 Under Girls Doubles - Round Robin - O. Kockaya, C. Appleford, Bingham, Morris, C. Potter, E. Foster

9 and Under Boys Round Robin Participants - Grant McKone, Hutch McKone, Thomas Foster, Trey Teteak, Will Konisky, George Majik, Carter Cunningham, Sebastian

9 and Under Girls Round Robin Participants - Astrid Bingham, Callie Swetland, India Jones


August 2016 Tennis Tournament: are YOU ready?

Tennis Lessons are Monday through Friday:

8:30 – 9:30 am Adult Woods Courts

9:30 – 10:00 am Pee Wees (ages 5-6) Crystal Courts

10:00 – 10:45 am Beginners (ages 7-9) Crystal Courts

10:45 – 11:30 am Intermediate (ages 10-12) Crystal Courts

11:30 am – 12:15 pm Advanced (ages 13+) Crystal Courts

Friday: 9:30 am Adult Round Robin at the Woods Courts


This summer’s tennis tournaments are scheduled for: July 8 -13, 2019 and August 5 -10, 2019.

Tournament Rules:

  1. Only current privilege ticket holders are eligible to play in the tournament. Valid Woods Courts stickers are required of all adults 17 and older.
  2. A person shall register in person no later than 3:00 p.m. on the Saturday immediately preceding the start of the tournament. A person may call the CSA office prior to 12:00 noon that same Saturday to register if unable to register in person. There are no exceptions.
  3. A player may sign up for a maximum of two events.
  4. If entering two events, a player shall be available to play two matches in a single day.
  5. A player shall be able to play the first round on Monday.
  6. A player shall be available to play all week at the time scheduled by CSA tennis staff. Schedule conflicts must be mutually agreed upon, and the CSA tennis director shall be informed of the changes.
  7. Each player/team shall provide a new can of balls at the beginning of a match.
  8. Age requirements for tournaments:
    • Seniors: 60 years of age and older
    • Adults: 17 and older
    • Boys and girls: 16 and under
    • Jr. boys and girls: 12 and under
    • Novice: 9 and under