Most of the population of the CSA is aware that it is the voluntary contributions of many people that allows our beloved CSA to continue to provide the place, the activities, and the nurturing spirit which we all experience in our time together here. Many of us are not in a position to observe the contributions made by certain people who step up to help in various ways, lending their help with something they feel could be good for the community at large. Sometimes this involves an ability to sense when and where something needs to be restored, provided or improved upon. Such people volunteer quietly and without fanfare as they provide their energies and expertise, in order that this improvement will come to fruition. They rarely are interested in a lot of fuss and fanfare. They make their contributions working towards a goal, individually, as part of an ad hoc group, or possibly on established committees at the Assembly.

One of the tenets that hasn't changed is the spirit of giving back to the community. Volunteering is what "makes the buggy run." (This could also be stated as The Assembly Way.) This is a special place, filled with special people, and we are all better people for being a part of it. Our recipients feel that "The least that any of us can do to show our fondness and appreciation for this nurturing place, is to share a bit of our time, talents, or intellect back with the community, from which we benefit so greatly."

Our recipients preferred that we not make mention of their rather long list of a lifetime of volunteer contributions to the Assembly community. In respect for their request, that will not be iterated today. It is with great pleasure and appreciation, that I have the privilege of presenting the Citation for Long and Valued Service to two people who have, year after year, done their part to "make the buggy run" here at the CSA, Jay and Anne Burt.