Judy Rodes - July 2022

230m6cit Judy RodesThe membership of the Congregational Summer Assembly is composed of a multitude of people who are talented, capable, hardworking, and eager to be of assistance. Most of us realize that the Assembly, as we know it, could not remain in existence without such people. Some of these people are officers and members of the Board who ensure that all of the fine details of the operation of everything at the CSA run smoothly and are organized properly. Other people make contributions of a structural genre, such as helping put the lifelines in, working with the CSA Art Fair and Cottage Treasures, building kayak racks, or setting up the family night dinners. Others are more spiritual, such as Bible Study Groups or singing in the choir. Others provide service in helping members through difficult times with grace. Still, others play their part by providing various activities which make our time while we are vacationing here so enjoyable, such as tennis tournaments, water carnivals, ecology instruction, operettas (both children’s and adults’), and Stunt Nights. The level of volunteerism is unbelievable!

The Citation Committee has the challenging but enjoyable task of making it possible for the general membership of CSA to have an opportunity to recognize people that routinely go above and beyond the normal expectations of this wonderful community and its contributions to their own quality of life. We do this by publicly recognizing their exceptional levels of devotion to the CSA.

This year, we have selected a person who has been on the CSA Education Fund for many years. This group raises money to provide scholarships to assist not only our own college-age students, but also for needy local high school graduates to continue their studies. She was a member of the Spiritual Life Committee and, at one time, was on the board of both the Wildwood and Golf Lane Associations. In addition, she has, over her adult life, faithfully sung in the CSA Church Sunday morning choir.

She is, however, more renowned for being one of the “movers and shakers” in the CSA Operetta productions, which offer opportunities for artistic participation for both adults and children that have delighted audiences and participants for more than seventy years. The tradition of having a musical production began back in the 1930s and 40s. But many of us have been in one or more children’s operettas as we were growing up and look back with great glee remembering those performances. Likewise, many of us remember getting involved with an adult production by singing, acting, or being part of the stage crew. Although our 2022 recipient has played significant roles in several operettas on both levels, she has moved beyond being merely a thespian. Back in 1985, she began to assist in directing the children’s operettas and eventually moved into the director role. She also became a director of one adult operetta in 2003. She continues to hold these roles to the present time. It is her particular delight that this summer, she had the opportunity to direct her grandchildren in the operetta, “One Cray, Cray Day at the CSA.”

We found it interesting that she met her husband at the CSA many years ago when he came for a summer visit in the late 1950’s with his family, and then returned to become an integral part of the CSA community. Wonderful things happen here!

With great pleasure, we recognize the 2022 recipient of the Citation for Long and Valued Service, Judy Stewart Rodes.