The Ecology Committee provides environmental information and educational programs for CSA youth and adults, nurtures the forest by removing invasive plants and treating trees for pests and disease, creates and maintains restoration plots and a pollinator garden, and assists in caring for the beaches at Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake.

The Ecology Committee runs the weekly Ecology Fun classes for kids age 4-10. Open this link for the schedule of classes for the 2022 Season.

The Committee has put together a list of arborists, foresters, invasive species, landscape/nursery, and conservation resources that property owners can refer to for assistance with evaluating, treating, and/or removing trees and invasive plants. Questions about these resources can be directed to:

Ecology Committee Chair - Linda Campbell email: 

A 2022 updated downloadable copy of the resource list can be found by clicking here.


The Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network provides excellent information about identifying terrestrial invasive species (“ID & Report”), suggested native plants (“Go Beyond Beauty”), as well as access to “Events” and “Resources”. Visit for this material.