September 2021: A Message from Board of Trustees President Ed Allred:
     As the sounds of summer fade away and our friends and families return to their distant homes, I hear the increased din of wildlife around the CSA grounds.  It is with a bit of melancholy that I reflect on how quickly time flies at The Lake.
     What a great summer though! I am very pleased that it was a huge success here at the CSA.  While we didn’t have all of the traditional activities, we were able to do many that brought joy to youth and elderly alike.  We owe a great deal of thanks to the staff and the countless volunteers as they executed their responsibilities and the CSA’s programming flawlessly.  We also owe a lot of thanks to the participants of the events and gatherings, because being together is what makes our community thrive.
     Over the next several months, the Board of Trustees and Committees will continue to work on the governance of the CSA to ensure that we have another wonderful summer with as many traditional, and some new, activities as possible.
     I wish you all a safe and healthy future. I look forward to coming back next summer to enjoy more of the same.  Sincerely ~ Ed