Who must purchase an Assembly ticket?
All persons residing on the Assembly grounds or in the Wildewood-Golf Lane Association, renters, house guests and live-in child care or domestic help are required to purchase Assembly tickets for the entire time they are in residence during the season. This also applies to Associate Members and their house guests and to renewable privilege ticket holders. Everyone over the age of three must pay fees. Cottage owners must inform renters of their responsibilities to purchase Assembly tickets and must see that fees are paid. Click here for information on registering your renters.

**Owners: To access a fillable pdf Renter Registration Form - Click Here. First download the form, complete it and save it. Either print and mail the completed form via USPS or email the completed form to: Elaine Walton, CSA Office Manager, at the address listed on the bottom of the form.

Do I have to register each year, even if I don’t come every summer and is there a minimum number of weeks that I need to register in order to keep my membership?
No, you should only register for the years that you are here. If you can’t make it one summer, don’t worry – your membership status is still secure. Just register for the number of weeks that you will be here and using the facilities.

What does it cost to purchase an Assembly ticket?
Our current registration fee is $35 per person, per week.

Do I have to pay separately for tennis lessons, swimming lessons, arts and crafts, and afternoon recreational sports for my children?
Your CSA registration fees include all of these activities.

What do I need to pay for, beyond my Assembly ticket?
There are additional charges for the following (see fees section of Web site for details):
1. Woods tennis courts usage
2. Boat buoy or mooring line off CSA beach
3. Boat space on the CSA dock
4. Water line fee if on the CSA well
5. CSA mailbox
6. Vehicle sticker

Can I register members of my family whose names do not appear on my registration form?
Yes, as long as those family members have files of their own. You may pay those family registrations and your own fees with the same check.

What about registering guests?
You may register guests if you are a lot owner or an Associate Member. Guests pay the same fees as members – $33 per person, per week. If you are not a lot owner or Associate Member, you may have guests at your cottage but we cannot provide them with the benefits of registered guests (e.g., stickers for cars, boats, tennis or using the beaches)

How do I know what type of member I am?
That information will appear on the upper right corner of your registration form. 

What does it mean to be an associate member?
Associate members pay $70 in the spring that goes towards two weeks of their summer registration. However, this amount cannot transfer over to other family members. Associate members are able to vote on vital assembly issues.

When will my children need their own file and what about adding newborn children or changing my winter address?
At age 18 a child will need to create his/her own file. All these may be easily done at the CSA office.


Does the CSA accept credit cards?
Yes. Beginning the summer of 2021, those who opt for the convenience of using a credit card at the CSA will have the 3% credit card processing fee added to their total charge. Of course, we will continue to offer check and cash payment options with no added charge. Click here to read the announcement.

What else can I purchase at the CSA office?
You can purchase CSA clothing, directories (if in stock), trash bags and other CSA-related items at the office.


How may I reserve a buoy on the CSA mooring field?
Buoy reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. One side of the mooring field is reserved for sailboats. The other is reserved for motor boats. Inquire about available buoys when you register.

How do I obtain a place for my boat on the CSA dock?
There is a waiting list for a spot on the dock. If you are interested, speak to Elaine Walton, CSA Office Manager.

Do I need a Woods courts sticker in order to play in the July and August tennis tournaments?
Yes. You must have a woods courts sticker for the weeks of the tournaments.

May I take books out of the CSA’s adult and children’s libraries?
Yes. Please sign out books borrowed from the children’s library. Please be sure to return all books so that others can enjoy them.

Help! I forgot the combination to my CSA mailbox.
The CSA office team will be happy to provide you with your combination.

Do I keep the same CSA mailbox over the years?
You will keep the same box as long as you continue to pay for it.

When do FedEx and UPS come each day?
FedEx and UPS packages typically come in the afternoons, around 3 pm. Expect USPS packages to arrive around 11 am.

My name is on the “General Delivery” list on the bulletin board. What does that mean?
A letter or package was delivered to your name at the CSA Assembly Building address (and you don’t have a CSA mailbox). You may pick the mail/package up at your convenience when the office is open.

When is the trash picked up? Where do I purchase the required yellow trash bags?
Garbage pick-up is on Tuesdays and Fridays on the CSA grounds, South Shore Drive and M-22. Plan to have your trash out, ready for pick-up by 7:30am. You may purchase the yellow bags required for trash pick-up at the CSA office, or at Family Fare market in Frankfort.

Where do I sign up for youth activities?
Youth activity sign-ups are located on a bulletin board just past the office window, directly across from the trophies.

How can I find out who the church minister will be this Sunday?
Check the rack to the left of the office window. There is a handout with info about the church services and bible studies. It is also posted on this website under Activities -> Spirtual Life. It is also posted on the website at this link: https://summerassembly.org/activities/spiritual-life

When are choir practices held?
Our choir practices Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. All singers with some experience in reading music are welcome.

May I use the CSA office copy machine?
Yes, for a fee of 15 cents per page.

Where can I sign up for the tennis tournaments?
Tournament sign-ups are located in the Assembly building, in the community room. They are put out the week before the start of the tournament.

What are the emergency and security contact numbers?
911 for fire, police, etc. Paul Oliver is the local hospital (Park Avenue) and number is 352-2200. The Defibrillator: On the exterior west wall of the Assembly Building is an automatic external defibrillator with built-in instructions to guide you in using it. Amy Somero, Managing Director: Office: 352-4751; Cell: 231-499-0257 

Where can I recycle?
A: 924 Main Street. Turn off Main Street by Port City Smokehouse and look for the bright red bins. Here’s what you can recycle together in one bin:

  • Clean tin & aluminum containers
  • Clean glass & bottles
  • All numbers of plastic including plastic bags
  • Paper and flat boxes including magazines & junk mail
  • Aseptic packaging (juice boxes, milk cartons)
  • Polystyrene packaging that has a #6 on it (clean take out packaging, produce trays, cups, etc.
  • Shredded paper and mixed paper can still be placed in the bin inside a paper bag.
  • Plastic bags emptied of contents and placed loosely in the bin. Tear open your bag and let items drop into the bin.

Everyone is asked to continue using the school cardboard trailers when you have a quantity of cardboard to recycle. Students receive money for cardboard collected at the school trailers.

Last summer Family Fare market in Frankfort also provided 24-hour recycling for cans and plastic/glass bottles.  534 11th, Frankfort, MI