By Alan Marble  7.18.2020

The Congregational Summer Assembly needs your help. In this extraordinary summer, two issues continue to bubble up to the forefront. Both issues need the immediate attention and assistance of everyone in the community.

csafb030Firepit 107462947 10157186883471128 8973346970286951389 oStarted several years ago with the driving force of the Walton family to honor their parents, the fire pit below the Crystal View was developed with the approval of the CSA Board. It provides an ideal spot for a family outing or a (physically distanced) meeting of CSA friends. The attractiveness of the fire pit has brought it some unwelcome attention which threatens its future. Loud gatherings after 11 p.m., prohibited use of alcohol on CSA common property, and acts of vandalism have compelled the Board of Trustees to formulate a make-or-break plan for its use. 
To accomplish this, we need everyone’s help.

  • CSA quiet hours, from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m., must be observed. You must leave the fire pit at 11 p.m.
  • At the same time, everyone must be aware of, and observe, the prohibition of the use of alcohol, drugs, and marijuana on CSA common grounds.
  • Parents of teens please talk with your children to reinforce the need for strict compliance with these rules for use of the firepit. 

As a community, we must use the fire pit safely and courteously.
A motion-sensor light was installed this week that will be activated by movement after 11 p.m. each night. Hopefully, this deterrent to after-hours activity will not be needed if enough CSA folks embrace the importance of this issue and the steps being taken to resolve the issue. Signs will be placed that the motion light will be activated during quiet hours.

If the motion-sensor light is damaged by vandalism, or if the rules about noise after 11 pm or use of prohibited substances are not followed, the fire pit will be shut down.



Lake Michigan BluffHelp save our dunes! The Board of Trustees is making the plea to refrain from climbing our Lake Michigan dunes.  

  • Each time a person or dog makes the round-trip to the water’s edge, another shovel-full or two is pushed downhill because of the effort in climbing. 
  • There is a serious threat of harm to the persons climbing the dunes. Layers of clay and gravel cling vertically to the slope and, like an avalanche in the mountains, may be triggered to collapse which could trap or suffocate a child.
  • Continued erosion may make it impossible to climb up from the lakeshore.
  • Signs will be posted to encourage compliance.

Please stay off the Lake Michigan dunes...for your sake, and for the sake of the future of our CSA bluff.