Since I’ve never been here at the beginning of the CSA season before, I’ve found it fascinating how the community starts to feel more and more alive as people begin to arrive. The first week was very peaceful and relaxing, but nothing compares to the energy of a CSA full of people lounging on the beach, participating in activities, and having fun with their friends. The Fourth of July’s positive energy was particularly infectious to me; I don’t think I’ve ever seen Crystal Beach as packed as it was during the Water Carnival!!

As the CSA has gotten busier, so have I. It’s been so nice to see most of the Communications Committee in person (they’re full of ideas for articles!), and the weather has been gorgeous - I’ve gone for so many bike rides that I’ve somehow managed to make two of our old bikes develop skipping gears. Oops. Maybe I should look into learning how to repair them...

It’s also been so cool how many people have recognized me thanks to the Weekly Newsletter - that’s the power of communications for you! Although, for the people that haven’t recognized me, I just say “I’m Ruthie Reeve’s granddaughter… you know, the lady with the big dogs?” That one always works like a charm. It’s one of my favorite things about the CSA: even if you don’t know someone, both of you will have someone else in common. Since there are so many people up here now, I’m beyond thrilled to be meeting so many new people, and I look forward to meeting more!