Highlights from the CSA July 31st, 2021 Annual Meeting

  • The Restated Articles of Incorporation were unanimously approved. The Articles are the foundational documents for corporations, and it was important to bring the CSA into compliance with current law. The current CSA Articles had not been updated since originally filed in 1932.
  • Two Bylaw amendments were also unanimously approved:
    • To change the wording “privilege ticket” to “Assembly ticket” where it appeared in the Bylaws in accordance with the member vote on September 26, 2020.
    • To move the composition of the Board from the 1932 Articles of Incorporation to the Bylaws. The description of the term of Trustees was moved from the Articles to the Bylaws, as that rule is operational and should be in the document which is updated more frequently.
  • Gary Dawley, Treasurer, reviewed the CSA financial statements and noted the CSA’s financial position was strong thanks to generosity of the members last year when we were closed due to COVID and strong Assembly ticket sales this year.
  • Preservation Fund and Ad hoc Strategic Committee update:
    • Fred Lauerman, Fund Chair, discussed the history of the Preservation Fund and the white paper developed to guide withdrawals and appropriate uses of the funds. The Trustees have determined to maintain at least $550,000 in the Fund, to be adjusted annually for future inflation, in addition to insurance, to support the CSA in the event of a catastrophe. The Fund is not for operating or ordinary maintenance, but for strategic investments in the CSA. He noted in the past few years the CSA has taken $91,000 of funds to be used for strategic projects approved by the Board of Trustees.
    • Lou Rollinson, Committee Chair, continued the discussion begun by Mr. Lauerman and described in detail programs and initiatives which were funded by the Preservation Fund withdrawal at the recommendation of the Ad hoc Strategic Committee. She described Nature Explorers as a pilot project to both teach and connect children to the environment and CSA values as well as give working parents time; funded a forester to advise the CSA on forest regeneration; work on mitigating damage to the Michigan beach and bluff, and various IT initiatives to update the CSA’s systems. The Ad hoc Strategic Committee has been reconvened by the President and will provide further recommendations to the Trustees in November for the $25,000 excess funds withdrawal from Preservation Fund approved at the July 24th Board of Trustees Meeting.
  • The membership unanimously approved the following slate to serve as Trustees in the 2021 - 2024 class:  Debbie Albright, Bill Fisk, Joshua Knight, Lorry Spitzer and Jennifer Rodes Swetland.
  • Ad hoc Lake MI Dune, Bluff and Beach: David Belknap, Committee Chair, expressed gratitude that Lake Michigan has receded this year. He answered a question about removal of the orange fence on the dune, indicating that directing people to the boardwalk path and sand ladder was a middle ground to minimize people going over the dune. He reminded the members that seawall construction later this year will be damaging to the dune. The Committee will be working to develop proposals to enhance the space once the seawall construction is complete.

Officers of the Assembly

President: Ed Allred

5039 Proctor Ave,

Oakland, CA 94618

 (wtr)  415-637-3674

 (smr) 415-637-3674

Secretary: Julie Walton

PO BOX 1161,

Frankfort, MI  49635

(wtr)  616-352-9950

(smr) 616-352-9950

Vice President: Diane Tracy

1926 Ness Rd,

Frankfort, MI

(wtr)  734-277-4994

(smr) 734-277-4994

Treasurer: Gary Dawley

392 Long Rapids,

Alpena, Ml 49707

(wtr)  989-356-6613

(smr) 231 -352-6019

Board of Trustees


Bill Barnes, 3224 NE 42nd Ave, Portland OR 97213-1121

Molly Bazzani, 2609 White Oak Ct, Ann Arbor MI 48103

David Belknap, 909 W Lynn St, Austin TX 78703

Heidi McCaulley, 124 Frances Cannon Dr, Anderson SC 29621

Jane Taylor, 2911 Burlington Ct Ann Arbor MI 48105


Ed Allred, 5039 Proctor Ave, Oakland CA 94618

Alfie Bingham, 1201 Carriage Lane, La Grange IL 60525

Brooke Hammond Cunningham, 1189 Asbury Ave, Winnetka IL 60093

Diane Robertson Tracy, 1926 Ness Road, Frankfort MI 49635

Crissie Fuller Vitale, 653 W. Barry, Apt 3S, Chicago IL 6065


Debbie Allbright, 1709 N Verde Ave, Arlington Heights IL 60004

Bill Fisk, 1071 Huckleberry Ln SE, Grand Rapids MI 49546

Joshua Knight, 4234 N Winchester Ave, Chicago IL 60613

Lorry Spitzer, 306 Marlborough St, Boston MA  02116

Jennifer Rodes Swetland, 542 Putnam Rd, Merion Station PA  19066

Women's Association: Ann Whelpton, 6500 Fairfield Rd, Oxford OH 45056

Past President: Holly Freeburg, 3120 Sunset Dr, Charlotte NC 28209

Managing Director: Amy Somero       

From the Managing Director

Many thanks to all of the staff, volunteers, and CSA folks who have made my tenure as Managing Director so enjoyable and satisfying.  We have done good work together. 
Thanks to the executive committee and Holly Freeburg in particular for continuing the search into the fall and finding a wonderful successor in Amy Somero.  I am committed to working with Amy to make this transition in leadership smooth and successful.
I will still be directing the choir and organizing the concerts for a few more years.  You will probably see me at the beach more often, when I'm not on a golf course or fishing.  It will be wonderful to see you all next summer under the birches once again!   Ken

Message from the President

September 2021: A Message from Board of Trustees President Ed Allred:
     As the sounds of summer fade away and our friends and families return to their distant homes, I hear the increased din of wildlife around the CSA grounds.  It is with a bit of melancholy that I reflect on how quickly time flies at The Lake.
     What a great summer though! I am very pleased that it was a huge success here at the CSA.  While we didn’t have all of the traditional activities, we were able to do many that brought joy to youth and elderly alike.  We owe a great deal of thanks to the staff and the countless volunteers as they executed their responsibilities and the CSA’s programming flawlessly.  We also owe a lot of thanks to the participants of the events and gatherings, because being together is what makes our community thrive.
     Over the next several months, the Board of Trustees and Committees will continue to work on the governance of the CSA to ensure that we have another wonderful summer with as many traditional, and some new, activities as possible.
     I wish you all a safe and healthy future. I look forward to coming back next summer to enjoy more of the same.  Sincerely ~ Ed

News from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees


The Congregational Summer Assembly Annual Meeting will be held on August 6, 2022  at the Assembly Building located at 2128 Pilgrim Highway, Frankfort, MI.

Members eligible to vote who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting should file proxy votes with the secretary at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Proxy votes, which may be left at the office, must include the name of the voting member, name of the member authorized to vote in proxy, name and date of the meeting to which the proxy applies. No more than 5 proxy votes shall be held by one person. Associate Members are not permitted to designate proxies.

The following is a sample proxy which would apply to any business which properly may come before said meeting. You may limit such a proxy to certain issues or motions if you wish. Click here to dowload a PDF of the Proxy Form.


Know all persons by these presents. That I _____________________________________________________________

of ____________________________________________________________________do hereby constitute and appoint _____________________________________

  _______________________________________ my proxy at the meeting of the Congregational Summer Assembly to be held at CSA on the _____day of ____________ 20____.

CSA Summer Street Address ______________________________________________________________________________

CSA Lot No.(s) _______________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________________________

Date   _____________________________________


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